Thursday, February 27, 2014

K&D Hunts General Info

K&D Hunts Group was born Aug 20th 2012.
My partner and I enjoyed hunts so much we come up with the idea of K&D.
So we started thinking 
(Oh Lord the room filled with smoke LOL)
And poof we got it Leather or Lace started out the hunting fun.
Our first hunt was a success we had mistakes but all and all it was fun.

So we figured why not do it again. We came up with the LOLEXH

Yet another one, again we had a blast with the Erotic Xmas hunt.
Had some outstanding gifts and wonderful stores in this one.
I then decided I would follow in the foot steps of others and jumped on the bandwagon so to speak and here came 


On this one we decided to offer Adult Only hunts because we got sick of being told we could not be in hunts due to our land rating. So with spring out of the way and summer fast approaching, light bulb went off and here came the idea for the 


This one was great, nothing like running all over the Grid of SL looking for a pink and white beachball.
After this one we decided that was it, we would stick to these four and just add 2,3,4, ect. after them and move on. 

Well as LOLSFH2 is not yet here we have decided to get in the groove of things and now this year we are offering our first Boobies and Azzez . LOL

So that is our journey so far.
But this time around we came up with the idea to offer the stores something in return for just being in our hunts.
Since to us, hunts are about the thrill of hunting and getting to know stores new and old alike, and hunts offer noobs a way to learn which stores have what and where to get good quality items for a fair price.
As I suck at blogging I know nothing about it and have to research just to figure out how to change things. We dont charge for sponsors. Instead we offer all our stores a spot on our Wall of Fame... 
This wall is all about them, has their store logo, a group joiner and landmark giver all in good faith, to them just for being in our hunts. 
You in the hunt you have a spot..

So with that said we hope you all enjoy our hunts and the wonderful stores that are becoming part of the 
K&D Hunts Family....
Thank you store owners for making our dream come true and for putting smiles on the hunters faces..

Bratty & Impulse 
Owners of K&D Hunts Group & 
LUSTY"S Clothing