LOLFBGH Info & Application

  As they say big is beautiful. But Bigger is even more Beautiful. Well this hunt is just that it is for the more beautiful, more fuller lustful Phat Azz. That have spread like wild fire across the grid.
So if your into Phat Azz and think bigger is more beautiful then this hunt is for you.
As with everything in life we all have rules to fallow.
So here is the Rules for LOLFBGH.
1. Be creative.
2. Have fun.
3. Shack them big beautiful Phat Azzez.
Fat Bottom Girl Hunt 
June 2 - June 30

We are going to charge 1L$ for this hunt. 
You must join and stay in K&D Hunt Group
through out the hunt.
You will receive merchant tag upon approval to hunt.

Applications must be in no later then May 20th.

Must fallow timeline.
If you move please notify ASAP. I will not chase anyone down.
Gifts must be boxed. Only thing in hunt prim should be gift and LM to next location. 
Hunt prim must be set to Buy Content/1L$.
Prims must not be hidden inside walls, other prims, ect.

Hints must be turned in no later then May 26th.


K&D Hunts Group
June 2nd - June 30th

There will be a 20 - 30 stores in this hunt.

Applications below please copy and paste into a notecard and drop in the drop box at 
K&D Hunt Group HQ.

Please rename your notecard as fallows

Copy and paste everything below here into notecard

Your name(SL, not display):

Store Name:

Second Contact (If any):

Store LM:

Store SLURL:

Type of store (What do you sell):

Land Rating: 

Do you need invite to K&D Hunts Group?

If this hunt is for you then fill out and drop off at K&D Hunts HQ:

If you have any questions/concerns please feel free to ask. 
Thank - You
Bratty Adored - Hunt Organizer

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