LOLSFH2 Application & Info

                                                  LEATHER OR LACE 

                                             APRIL 15TH - APRIL 29TH

                                               WE ONLY DO ADULT ONLY HUNT 
                                                GIFTS ARE NOT KID FRIENDLY

Application must be in no later April 1

* You must join the K&D Hunt Group.

* Gifts must be Unisex, Male or Female

*Must fallow timeline. If you move you must notify me ASAP or be dropped. I dont have the time to chase you down.

* Your Gift must be boxed. The only thing we should see in the hunt item is your BOXED gift and the LM to the next  locations. (the LMs for the next  locations should stay in the hunt prim not boxed with your gift)

* Hunt item is not to be hidden inside another object (like walls,signs any where a new person to sl can cam in case they haven't learned the art of caming)

* Decoys!  Your limit is 3 (including your hunt item..prims you name the same as the hunt prim around your store are counted decoys ).

* You can only make the hunt item bigger. You may not make it smaller then what it is when given to you. NO changing the hunt item Color.

*Hints must in no later then April 5th.


                                                 LOL SPRINGFLING Hunt
                                                                (K&D Hunt)
                                                           April 15th - 29th 
                                        (ANYTHING GOES ADULT ONLY HUNT)         
There will be a limit of 20 vendors for this hunt..

Please rename Application: LOLSFH - Your Name - Store Name          
1. You must join and stay in group through out the hunt.
2. You must be the creator. NO RESELLING, NO BIB...               
3. You must adhere to the timeline. If not you will be drop no questions asked. 
4. Your item must be equal to or greater to the items you sale in your store.    

Your name (SL, not display):  

Store name:  

Second contact (if any): 

Store LM:

Store SLURL: 

Type of store (what do you sell): 

Land rating  (Mature, or Adult): 

Do you need an invite to the K&D Hunts Group?: 

If interested  in participating please fill out and drop at the drop box at

If you have any questions/concerns please feel free to ask.
Thank you.
Bratty Adored, Organizer

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